Most homeowners love having bats around the home, but they don’t want them living in their homes. Anytime a homeowner is faced with an uninvited guest such as a bat, it can be an unsettling occurrence.

There are many reasons why bats aren’t wanted in the home.

The biggest concern when you come in contact with bats is the potential for rabies. Rabies is transmitted when an infected bat bites or scratches a person’s skin. Studies have shown that most bats do not carry the rabies virus, but unfortunately you can’t tell by just looking at the bat.

Another major concern is bat droppings in the attic. Bats can also carry another disease known as Histoplasmosis, which is a respiratory disease caused by a fungal spores found in bat droppings.

Other concerns with bat colonies in the home include: loud noises and squealing at night, persistent odors and stains on outside/inside walls, attics and ceilings.