Bat Proofing Eviction For Your Home

The safest way to remove bats unharmed from your home and to place them back into their natural habitat, is to have an eviction or “Bat Proofing Eviction” done to your home. Our first step is to inspect the exterior and interior of the building for bat entry points. This service usually can be done year-round if weather permits.

Bats can enter your home through gable vents, roof & ridge venting and around the chimney. Also, they can come through a window or sometimes they can squeeze underneath your rain gutters.

After locating the potential problem areas, an estimate is given for the bat proofing eviction. A written report is given to show our services and what areas specifically need our exclusion devices. We will explain the entire process with the homeowner(s) giving them our step-by-step plan. Also, we will inform our customers if clean-up and sanitation is needed.

Attic Cleanup/Hazardous Waste Disposal
 (Maybe covered under your Home Owners Policy)

When larger colonies of bats have inhabited your home, it may be necessary to have your attic insulation clean out. Advanced Wildlife Control technicians can provide this additional service. During our initial inspection we will identify if your attic space needs to be cleaned out.

We can remove the bat guano, contaminated insulation and sanitizing the attic space. After the insulation is removed we will then re-install new insulation into the attic. Often times this procedure is covered under your home-owners insurance.

Our technicians will work with you and your agents to insure that this problem is corrected.