Bat Guano Removal, Sanitation, and Clean up Services

After the bat colony has been evicted from your home the next step is considering Advanced Wildlife Control Inc. clean up services.   The bat guano removal service starts with removing your attic insulation.  Our technicians use full hazmat gear and operate with respirators masks.  They are trained to handle all types of situations involving feces and the disposal of those materials. A dumpster will be placed on the property prior to the service date.

We use an attic vac system that is placed on the outside of your home near the dumpster.  The attic vac uses a series of secure hoses that help remove contaminates from the attic into a disposal bag.  After the attic has been cleaned out the dumpster will be removed from the property the next day.

The next step in the procedure is to use odor control protects and a sanitation control sprays inside the attic.  Odor control helps rid the attic of the musky smell left by the bat guano.  We spray a sanitizer in the attic which helps eliminate harmful diseases left in the attic by the bat guano.  In some cases bat bugs may have been living with the colony.  We can also provide a insect spray in the attic to kill any bat bugs left behind.

Installing Insulation

At that point your attic is clean, but we are still not finished.  Your attic needs to be re-insulated to the proper R value.  An R-value is a measure of thermal resistance used in the building and construction industry.  The higher the R-value the more efficient your attic is when it comes to heating and cooling.  The recommended insulation level in Southeastern Wisconsin is R-49.

We will install the proper amount of insulation to achieve R-49 level throughout the attic.  We use Owens Corning pink fiberglass insulation (blown-in).  Before we install the insulation we need to check your home for proper ventilation, air tight seal around areas such as the chimney, and install attic baffles (if needed) to allow proper air flow in the attic.  This is vital for a proper flow of air known as your air convection current.  Basically, the idea that warm air rises and cool air sinks and convection is the action that causes the airs movement.  So the most important aspect is if the air doesn’t flow properly throughout your attic there can be a harmful buildup of mold and mildew in the attic. Advanced Wildlife Control technicians can identify areas of mold & mildew and help prevent that from occurring.

The blown-in insulation is then applied by using the Attic Cat equipment which uses a similar hose system and is very efficient and clean in terms of the installing process.

This complete process usually takes a full day to complete.  During our quote and initial inspection our technician will go over this process from top to bottom to help you make informed decisions for your home.

In some cases your insurance company may pay for your attic insulation to be removed and cleaned, please ask your technician to explain. This only applies for attics contaminated by raccoons or bats.